How Does the New Chevy Equinox 360 Camera Work?

How often have you been trying to back out of a spot, craning your neck around to see if you were going to hit anything? Have you ever edged past a car and heard that telltale scraping sound? Trying to navigate tight quarters and backing out is a challenge, but new technology is making that process easier than ever.

The Chevy Equinox 360 camera shows you a full surround view of the area around your car. Given that more than 300 people die a year when backing out, this is an important feature.

Read on to learn about this new technology and how it can make driving safer and easier than ever.

What Is Surround Vision?

Rearview cameras have been popular for a few years now, and have become indispensable. They make backing out of tight spaces easier, prevent you from accidentally backing into your neighbor’s car, and let you know exactly how close you can get to the house when you’re backing up to it. So what if you could see that kind of detailed information about every part of your car?

That’s exactly what surround vision technology offers. This system gives you a view of the entire perimeter of your car so you can make sure you won’t hit anything. Whether you’re making tight turns, trying to squeeze between cars parked on either side of the street, or backing out near a neighborhood kid learning to ride their bike, the 360-degree camera has you covered.

How Does the Chevy Equinox 360 Camera Work?

When you look at the view created by a 360 camera, you may be mystified by how it’s getting the view it is. It looks like there’s a camera hovering about twenty feet over your car. But we promise Chevy doesn’t have a drone following your car around all the time.

Instead, the Chevy Equinox 360 camera stitches together photos from four separate cameras placed around your car. There’s the standard rear vision camera, a forward-looking camera in your front grill, and a camera mounted in each side mirror. Your car’s computer stitches these four images together with a simulated image of your car in the middle, creating a perimeter view.

How to Use It

When you shift your Chevy Equinox into reverse, your car will automatically put the surround vision view up on your console screen. When you shift into drive, the car will show both the front-facing camera and the 360 view. If your car is a 2016 model or later, you can also manually turn on the surround view by selecting the camera icon from your main console menu.

It’s important to note that you should not rely on the surround view when driving. Your eyes are still your best tools, and while the surround vision is great for navigating tight spots, it’s not so good on the highway. Instead, think of this as another tool to make sure you park safely and navigate tight spaces at a slow speed.


Of course, the safety the surround vision offers is one of the best benefits. It makes blind spots a thing of the past and can give you a better idea of just how close you are to hitting vehicles you’re driving past. It can also help you avoid accidents from things coming out of your blind spot.

Many of these cameras also offer proximity sensors. They can let you know if you get within a foot of a nearby object, which helps reduce sideswipe incidents.


Surround view cameras aren’t perfect, though. For those who live in northern climes, you may find that your cameras don’t work as well in the wintertime. The view on some of these surround view cameras can become warped when the weather gets too cold.

These cameras can also run into problems in any type of harsh weather. Snow, rain, slush, and fog can all cause problems for the cameras, and they currently don’t come with any self-cleaning mechanism. So if a snowflake or a bug lands on your front camera, you lose that view with not much you can do about it.

New Developments

Although these 360 cameras are on the cutting edge of safety technology, General Motors, Chevrolet’s parent company, is still innovating. Recently they’ve begun adding HD options on their rearview cameras. This will make it easier to see small objects that may be in the way, such as screws, squirrels, or snakes.

Other Chevy Models with Surround Vision

The Chevy Equinox and Traverse feature the 360 surround vision in the 2018 and 2019 models. Rearview cameras come standard in all vehicles made after 2018, so you can expect to see those in all the new Chevy models. But some of the new 2020 models will come with an upgrade.

The 2020 Silverado will feature HD surround view, which can be especially helpful for backing down boat ramps, hooking up trailer hitches, and checking on trailers during turns. Models like the Suburban that don’t come equipped with the 360 cameras may still have sensors to prevent accidents.

Get Your New Ride

The Chevy Equinox 360 camera adds a ton in terms of ease of use and safety. Whether it’s preventing deadly accidents or minor paint scrapes, this technology makes driving safer. And when it’s your car and your family you’re talking about, safety is the most important thing there is.

If you’d like to get a Chevy Equinox, come see us at Huber Chevrolet. We’re dedicated to giving you the best Chevy buying experience in the Omaha area. Call us at (402) 206-2117 today, and see how we can help you get into an amazing new ride.

Does the Chevy Volt Use Gas? A Guide to the Chevy Volt

With climate change escalating into a top global issue, electric vehicles are growing in popularity. Not only do these save us money on gas, but they also save us from the gas extinction that’s coming in the next 50 years. And one of the cars at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement has been the Chevrolet Volt.

The Volt is a hybrid electric car that runs on both gas and electricity. But how that works and what the range is can be confusing. Read on to learn about the Chevy Volt and how this car has revolutionized the electric vehicle industry.

How the Volt Runs

The Chevy Volt is a unique hybrid electric car that runs off of both gas and electric power. It has a battery that is capable of running the entire car. The Volt will automatically use up any battery reserves it has when you first begin driving it. Only after it runs out of battery power will it switch to using the gas reserves.

This sort of non-parallel power approach has been revolutionary in the electric car industry. Most cars can’t store enough power to run on electricity alone, and those that can are outside of most people’s price range. The Volt and cars like it act as a bridge for the everyday consumer who wants to save money and the environment at once.

How Other Hybrids Run

So if the Chevy Volt running model is so revolutionary, how do other hybrid cars operate? Most hybrid electric vehicles use what’s called a parallel running model. This means that they run both gas and electric power at the same time during your drives as a way to increase your gas efficiency.

Most hybrids will use gas power when you first start the car and during acceleration and stops. When you’re cruising along at a steady speed, it will use the battery reserves. While this can work out okay if you’re doing a lot of highway driving, for those driving in cities, gas will get used far more often than battery power.

Electric Chevy Volt Range

Because the Volt uses all battery power until it runs out, it’s theoretically possible to drive a trip and never touch the gas reserves. But although the Volt does offer fantastic innovation in its running model, its battery capacity is still on the small side for electric vehicles. The Volt’s battery can run your car for somewhere between 30 to 50 miles, depending on the weather and other factors.

This number may sound pitiful, but let’s look at this in terms of your daily commute. The average American drives about 37 miles a day, so for most people, you’ll be able to make your commute without ever switching to the gas engine. If you have an electric charging station at your job, you’ll be able to make the whole commute on electric and save a ton on gas.

Gas Range

Let’s say your commute is longer than 37 miles a day; about 3 million Americans drive 50 miles or more to work every day. In that case, the Volt still has you covered. In addition to the electric battery, the car also comes with a full gasoline engine. That engine offers a range of more than 300 miles.

But that engine isn’t a regular gas engine either. Instead of running on gasoline to power the car, it powers a smaller electric generator which in turn powers the car. This means that the gas engine can run on one constant speed, improving gas efficiency.

Mileage and Environmental Impact

The fuel efficiency of the Volt is hard to calculate since it uses both gas and electricity. The electric engine gets 106 miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent; in other words, the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline would produce will get you 106 miles on electric in the Volt. And because of the increased fuel efficiency, the gas engine gets 42 miles to the gallon.

There are some hard numbers that support the idea that the Volt is better for the environment. The EPA estimates that the Volt puts off just 200 grams of CO2 and other pollutants per mile, compared to 411 for an average vehicle. Even the Toyota Prius, another hybrid electric vehicle, puts off 209 grams per mile.

New Chevy Electric Car Developments

Chevy hasn’t stopped their electric car development with the Volt, though. In 2017, they introduced the Bolt EV, a fully electric vehicle that can run 238 miles on pure electric power. And with a price tag that most people can afford, the Bolt makes electric vehicles far more accessible.

The Bolt gets 25 miles per hour of charge, so if you charge your car overnight and every night, you could go 200 miles. If you charge it at the office, you have a daily range of 400 miles. And because the Bolt is all electric, there are no emissions to deal with, making it much better for the environment.

Volt Discontinuations

Unfortunately, the Chevy Volt won’t be around as a new offering for much longer. GM announced in early 2019 that they will discontinue the Volt, as well as shut down several of their factories. The Volt sold fewer than 20,000 models a year, which meant they weren’t feasible to continue making.

But we shouldn’t discount what the Volt did for the electric car industry. It was the first hybrid car to effectively manage the fear drivers had of running out of power halfway through their drive. And it paved the way for the Bolt and other vehicles like it that will see us into the next era of electric cars.

Find Your Next Ride

If you’re considering a Chevy Volt, you had better act fast because the new ones will be gone soon. But with a total Chevy Volt range of over 400 miles and an electric range that can get you through your daily commute, they’re well worth the cost. Just remember to plug your car in before you go to bed, and you’ll be off to the races.

If you’d like to get your Chevy Volt before they disappear, come see us at Huber Chevy. Our team works together to make sure you get the best Chevrolet shopping experience in the Omaha area. Call us at (402)-206-2117 today to find your next vehicle.

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